twfemslash is going on a small hiatus, so there will not be a 4femslash in April (this friday) or in May. More information about future events will come early May.

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And so, March is over. A huge thank you to everyone who participated, you’re the reason this is done and worth it.

I do want to say I’m sorry for not sticking to themes, having daily prompts and making it more social. That is all on me. It could have been more, and better.

Thank you to all of you who supported creators by reblogging, commenting and squeeing in tags. It might seem insignificant when you do it, but believe me, it can make someones day.

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i wish i could have done more for twfemslash month, but hey here’s a little thing


i wish i could have done more for twfemslash month, but hey here’s a little thing

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AU Allison doesn’t have the guts to speak to Harley, but she keeps getting caught starring, which doesn’t make things easier. Harley notices of course, so does Scott and Stiles, who might be plotting how to get the girls talking. 

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AU in which Harley is Stiles and Scott’s best friend, and she catches the eye of the new girl in town.

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BATTLE  halequeens vs ohwolfed

➝ femslash + paramore (allison/lydia + in the mourning)

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gif battleohwolfed vs halequeens

i. paramore + femslash ship (misery business + allison/erica)

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Anonymous asked: Allira first time together. I get vibes that Kira never been with a boy or girl so it would her first time having sex.


Allison and Kira have been making out lazily on Kira’s bed for a while now, and Kira is pretty sure she knows where this is headed, but when Allison’s hand slips underneath her shirt, a bout of nerves overtakes her. 

"Wait, hold on," Kira says, and Allison stops kissing her immediately, sitting up, but still straddling Kira’s waist. 

"You okay?" Allison asks. 

"Yeah, it’s just, uh, I’m a virgin, so I’m kind of really nervous." 

"Okay, that’s totally fine," Allison says, smiling down at Kira big enough for her dimples to show. "If you’re not ready, we can just go back to kissing." 

"No, no. I’m ready. I want this. I just…can we just go really slow?" 

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allirakillison asked: kira/lydia/malia first sleepover


"Let’s play never have I ever," Lydia says, leaning over the bed to rummage around in her bag on the floor. When she pops back up she’s holding a bottle of cheap wine. 

"What is that?" Malia asks. She’s been back in the body of a human for a while now, and Lydia and Kira have caught her up on a lot of things, but sometimes she still doesn’t quite know what some things are. 

"It’s a game. You say something you’ve never done, and if someone else in the group has done it they have to take a shot. I’ll start," Lydia says, tossing her hair over her shoulder. "Never have I ever shape shifted into an animal." 

Malia rolls her eyes, and grabs the bottle, drinking down a sip and then passing it back to Lydia. 

"You can go now," Lydia says, her smile bright when their hands brush together. 

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allison, i love you

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